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The Journey of A Legend (JOL) brand was created to be a form of positive imagery, an inspiration, and constant reminder to those in pursuit of their purpose. Our mission is to inspire all that see or wear the brand to continue pursuing their passion or purpose. Most brands are  popular because of  celebrity association, endorsement or marketing strategy.  With JOL the consumer is the face of the brand and embodies its purpose through their actions. There is success in your effort and every day you try, you succeed.

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“Discovering your purpose or passion is only half the journey. Assisting in the creative process to fulfill the purpose or bring the passion to fruition is what we do ”

“My passion for music has been evolving throughout the years; but my purpose has added fuel to the fire. My goal as an artist is to leave peoples lives better than I found it. The Journey is long but worth it!”

"My passion is to inspire and empower other young women  to embrace that which defines them and commit to sharing their gifts with the world. Self love is a journey in itself, in fulfilling my purpose you won't have to be on it alone.  ”

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